“100% SWEET!” Bitter Lemons 

"This CLEVER AND WONDERFULLY WRITTEN THRILLER has shades of ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN and THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, and echoes of anything written by AARON SORKIN." NoHoArstDistrict.com 

"The Leather Apron Club is so well written, directed and performed that it is UTTERLY RIVETING.  ONE OF THE BEST ON STAGE RIGHT NOW. SUPREMELY ENTERTAINING" Examiner.com

"DO NOT MISS THE LEATHER APRON CLUB written and directed by Charlie Mount. An ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT STORY ... If you're fond of RIVETING THRILLERS with edge of your seat suspense, then The Leather Apron Club is for you.  If you want AN OUT OF THE BOX SLAM DUNK HOME RUN IN STORYTELLING, then The Leather Apron Club is for you.  BRILLIANT... Do not miss this one. I repeat - DO NOT MISS." Discover Hollywood  

"Writer/director Charlie Mount’s script deftly explores how individuals answer and what their answers mean, both personally and socially. His EXCELLENT CAST reveals the nuances, shifting loyalties and each facet of the debate with complex performances. The contemporary, cultural references are timeless. Wake up!"  The Tolucan Times 

"The Leather Apron Club is, as previously stated, a real ACTION PACKED POLITICAL THRILLER!" Accessibly Live Off-Line 

"It is A HEADY, INTELLECTUAL EVENING and one that may provoke a plethora of questions, thoughtful introspection, and a renewed consideration of the ways of the world from all who witness this HAUNTING THEATRICAL EVENT." Cynthia Citron 

"The Leather Apron Club is a political thriller that WILL SEND CHILLS UP YOUR SPINE... the play is especially relevant in this, a national election year. It’s the perfect time for this world premiere to make an appearance." LASplash.com



by Charlie Mount

A political thriller for our times. James Avery, a media analyst, is invited by his boss to spend a mysterious weekend in the country home of Grace Keebler, a political operative. There he meets an eclectic group who claim to head The Leather Apron Club, a secret organization that has been controlling the U.S. government since the time of Benjamin Franklin. James is invited to join the group, but first he must kill one of its members.​ Produced at Theatre WestProduced at The Road Theatre (as "The Junto")


by Charlie Mount

A romantic comedy about Jeff Zelinski, a hostile stand-up comic and Susan Sullivan, an emotionally fragile performance artist. Set in New York's Greenwich Village comedy scene. Produced at Theatre West​. Produced at Theatre Geo (as "The Indecent Act of Jeff Zelinski")


by Charlie Mount

A Drama with Magic. During a weekend in Sleepy Hollow, New York, in 1911, Harry Houdini visits a friend who is suffering from tuberculosis and must not be upset, and who has engaged a clairvoyant to contact her dead husband. Houdini must decide whether to challenge the veracity of the clairvoyant, and there is the question of whether or not Houdini possess strange and outré powers of his own. Produced at Theatre 40 (as "Trumpets and Table-Tipping")


by Charlie Mount and Jeff G. Rack.

A Comedy/Drama. Ray Bradbury writes before your eyes, sending us to Mars, moving characters about the stage, crafting tales on the fly. The stories are humorous and harrowing, fantastical and imaginative. As Ray creates we come to know the mind and heart of the great writer.


by Charlie Mount

A comic horror story about the ghosts and visitations with a lot of magic and comedy thrown in. Produced by Wicked Lit.


By Clifford Odets
Produced and Directed by Charlie Mount




“CRITIC'S PICK. Mount, who also directed, crafts a charmer that is as crisply staged as it is well constructed, while his comedically gifted cast delivers the laughs with plenty of heart!” The Los Angeles Times

“CRITIC'S PICK.  First of all, THE WRITING IS GENUINE AND GENUINELY FUNNY…ACTING AND DIRECTION ARE TOP NOTCH AS WELL…It’s humorous and terribly touching. In today’s cockeyed, messed-up world, it is so nice to see two people who love each other work so hard to make their relationship soar. How UNIQUELY REFRESHING!” Grigware Reviews


“Writer/Director Charlie Mount employs his own stand-up background to pen some FUNNY YET CAUSTIC ZINGERS for his actors who hit the punchlines spot-on with GREAT ENERGY AND RHYTHM.” The Tolucan Times

“THE AUDINECE LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY at every word, move and gesture emanating from the stage”  WillCall.org


CHARLIE MOUNT'S theatrical productions are bold and innovative, whether they're original works like Acting - First Six Lessons with BEAU BRIDGES or classics of the American Theatre like his Ovation Nominated production of Waiting For Lefty. ​ 

As the long time Artistic Director for the Chestnuts Theatre Program at Theatre West in LA he directed striking productions of Seascape, Gaslight, The Fantasticks, Waiting in the Wings with BETTY GARRETT, and produced The Lion in Winter with JIM BEAVER, The Women of Spoon River with LEE MERIWETHER, the West Coast Premiere of Requiem for a Heavyweight, and JIM BEAVER'S play Verdigris. He also collaborated with RAY BRADBURY and his Pandemonium Theatre Company to produce Falling Upward with PAT HARRINGTON.

As a playwright Charlie's own works have received critical acclaim and include The Leather Apron Club (100% Sweet at Bitter Lemons), Against The Wall (LA Times "Critic's Pick!"), Trumpets and Table-Tipping and Wicked Lit's production of The Spirits of Walpurgisnacht.

Director    Producer     Playwright

Written and Directed by Charlie Mount

Written and Directed by Charlie Mount


By and With Beau Bridges and Emily Bridges
Directed by Charlie Mount

​"Charlie Mount’s direction shapes and focuses the many quality elements into A STUNNING OVERALL PIECE OF ENSEMBLE THEATRE." CultureMob.com

“The acting is SUPERB! Charlie Mount directs this very accomplished cast to NUMEROUS MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE.” Performing Arts LIVE

"The most important play currently being presented in Los Angeles, and POSSIBLY THE BEST PRODUCTION OF 2010." Jesther Entertainment

"Director Charlie Mount has assembled a truly committed and convincing ensemble---EXTRAORDINARY ACTORS, every one of them." Cynthia Citron

"A hard-hitting and gut-wrenching gem of an ensemble piece, that captivates the audience, while stunning them with ugly truths that still exist…THIS IS A WONDERFUL PRODUCTION!" The Tolucan Times

"Director Charlie Mount and his strong ensemble handle this gritty material, foibles and all, with GUTSY REVERENCE." BackStageWest

​"Critic's Pick! 5 Out of 5 Stars! Under CHARLIE MOUNT'S LOVING DIRECTION the Bridges create a very intimate story of a teacher and student of acting. BEAU BRIDGES IS AT THE TOP OF HIS FORM...Emily is so captivating at every turn. A very stimulating and uniquely entertaining evening of theatre NOT TO BE MISSED!" Grigware Talks Theatre

​"Directed by Charlie Mount....A MUST SEE!" OnStageLA

"Emily Bridges is a skillful and charming actress, and she and her father make a charismatic appearance together under the EXPERT DIRECTION OF CHARLIE MOUNT."  Stage Happenings

"Boleslavsky died in 1937...If he were alive today, however, you can be sure he would be gratified and thrilled to see how Beau and Emily Bridges and director Charlie Mount have brought his teachings to life. MOVING AND ENTERTAINING!" Cynthia Citron

"Under CHARLIE MOUNT'S IMAGINATIVE DIRECTION, Acting: The First Six Lessons makes a smooth transition to the stage. LAUGHS APLENTY. Rare and WONDERFUL!" Examiner

​"Whether you are a student of acting, or simply a lover of good theater, Acting: The First Six Lessons has many tips to offer and many life lessons to bestow. A BIG, BIG HIT!" StageSceneLA


Producer / Director / Playwright

Off Broadway, NY

  • CONVERSATIONS WITH AN AVERAGE JOE DirectorThe Jerry Orbach Theatre at The Theatre Center on Broadway

Los Angeles

  • ACTING: THE FIRST SIX LESSONS - Directorby and with Beau Bridges and Emily Bridges, Theatre West
  • WAITING FOR LEFTY - Producer/Director, Theatre West, (Ovation Nominated “Best Play”)
  • THE LEATHER APRON CLUB - Director/Playwright, Theatre West
  • THE SPIRITS OF WALPURGISNACHT - Director/Playwright, Wicked Lit
  • WOMEN OF SPOON RIVER - Producer, with Lee Meriwether, Theatre West
  • WITHOUT ANNETTE - Director. Theatre West/Juber Prod
  • VERDIGIRS - Producer, by and with Jim Beaver, Theatre West 
  • AGAINST THE WALL - Playwright/Director, Theatre West
  • A SHORT STAY AT CARRANOR - Producer, by William Blinn, Theatre West
  • THE FANTASTICKS - Producer/Director, Theatre West
  • SEASCAPE - Producer/Director, Theatre West
  • GASLIGHT - Producer/Director, Theatre West
  • WAITING IN THE WINGS - Producer/Director, with Betty Garrett (Ovation Nominated "Best Actress), Theatre West
  • FALLING UPWARD - Co-Producer with Ray Bradburyby Ray Bradbury, with Pat Harrington, Theatre West    
  • THE LION IN WINTER - Producer, with Jim Beaver, Theatre West
  • REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT - Producer, Theatre West
  • DANCING AT LUGHNASA - Produce, Theatre West
  • THE JUNTO - Playwright, The Road Theatre 
  • TRUMPETS AND TABLE- TIPPING - Playwright, Theatre 40
  • THE INDECENT ACT OF JEFF ZELINSKI - Playwright, Theatre Geo